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Pixum ePrint

Pixum ePrint 1.2.5 lets you order copies of the photos stored in your drives
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Pixum ePrint 1.2.5 is a software to order printed copies of your digital photos stored in your drives.
This software is intended to work only to place orders within the European Union to www.pixum.com.

You can pick the pictures you want to print from any folder in any drive and drag and drop them to the right panel.

There you can choose the size and quantity you wish to order for each picture. The program will calculate the cost of each order by multiplying the quantity ordered for the list price of each copy, that will be updated each time you run the program. It will also calculate the shipping cost, and will inform you the total amount to pay.

Pixum ePrint will inform you the quality of the image, and if it´s suitable for printing.

When you finish selecting the images you want to print, and the quantity you will order, you´re ready to send your order. You will need to have an account at Pixum. If you don´t have one, the program will let you obtain one.

You will need to provide your personal details, as well as a valid credit card that will be charged with the amount of your purchase.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s an easy way to order prints of your photos


  • It´s useless outside the European Union
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